Introducing Indi Bed, the
ultimate burrowing dog bed.

The world's first burrow bed with small dogs that love to burrow and tunnel in mind.

The Indi Bed Difference

Indi Bed is the world's first pet bed designed for small Dog breeds to provide a natural burrowing and tunneling experience that they absolutely LOVE! Burrowing is a part of nearly every dog's ancestral instinct to feel safe, warm, and comfy. Some breeds will even burrow to hide food, while others breeds burrow to relieve anxiety. The Indi Bed is the only burrow dog bed on the market that embraces all these natural traits in Dogs and allows them to feel truly at home.

The Indi Bed will:

  • Help your dog sleep better.
  • Keep them entertained and active.
  • Make them feel like they're in their natural habitat.
  • Give yourself peace of mind knowing that they will be happy when left alone for a few hours at home with the Indi Bed!

Our Unique Patent Pending Burrow Bed Design

The Indi Beds patent pending design has features that simply can't be found in other dog beds. Unlike many burrow bed designs that are little more than cushions, this one is made to embrace your dog, creating a snuggly, comfy nest for your favorite pet. The Indi Bed has four layers for your pet to choose from, including a soft-top layer that's just waiting for snuggles and cuddles with a tunnel entrance on the side of the bed where they can sneak in or crawl out of any time they want. It also has a foam base to keep them off of the cold floor. Your little fur baby will love exploring throughout this cozy fort!

  • You'll never have to worry about your dog being cold again.
  • Your dog can feel safe and secure in this bed.
  • Give your dog the best life possible.

Durability Pet Owners Can Rely On

Let's face it. When it comes to dog beds, especially ones that offer a tucked away safe nesting area for our pet, durability isn't an option. All the while, Indi Bed is made of top-quality materials to give you peace of mind that you're getting your money's worth. In fact, the entire Indi Bed can be taken apart and is machine washable for easy cleaning. Yet, it's sturdy enough to withhold its shape and fluffiness.

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Machine washable.
  • Give your pet the best sleep of their life.
You'll feel like you're spoiling them with a luxurious bed (they deserve it!)

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Indi Bed is sold right here in the US, and so far, the feedback from our customers has been tremendous. But don't take our word for it.

My dogs LOVE this bed!!!!
They were in it as soon as I pulled it from the box. My little girl, Bridgette, has claimed it and keeps guarding it from the other dogs. Seems very well made and was kept well informed during the production and shipping.


Donna Francis‎‏

✓ Verified

Lola loves her new Indi bed. Hid her bone within minutes of receiving the bed. Now Nicki wants one too!!!


Jamie Quinn

✓ Verified

This is the perfect bed for any pup or Kitty. plus it comes apart and is easily washed. what more can you ask?


Linda Holecek

✓ verified

The quality of the bed is amazing and is so soft. Their are so many layers and my dog is in heaven. It took her a moment to totally figure it out and now it is her main go to when she wants to be covered and relax away from everyone. This is the best bed we have bought!


Morgan Carter

✓ Verified

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Indi Bed FAQ

Will Indi bed work for big dogs?
While big dogs may enjoy the coziness of Indi Bed, they won't be able to burrow as well as a small dog. But we have seen 80-90lb dogs resting comfortably in the Indi Bed.

How long does shipping take?
Indi Bed typically ships within 24 hours of purchase.

Does Indi Bed come in different sizes and colors?
Right now we have the 27" bed. Down the road we may look at smaller and bigger options. We've also had requests for human sized beds.